These are the my notes from the keynote presentations at the 2012 Southwest BLC Conference.

Ewan McIntosh

How do we measure success? Creative industries vs. creative learning .... What can we learn from the creative industries?

Six Secrets to Creative Learning

Students need...

  • Challenge ... Keeps getting harder like a video game ... Just when it gets easy it gets harder again
  • Collaboration
  • Responsibility
  • Respect
  • Real things
  • Choice ... 3-19 choices

  • Make Learning Whole - David Perkins

  • Don't teach in elements
  • Design thinking - help learners see the whole picture
  • Divergent thinking to convergent thinking
  • Immerse in everything...present problem,,, - students need control of all
  • Googleable vs. nongoogleable ideas ... Way to choose an interesting topic ... "So what, who cares?"

  • The world without Music? an interesting title for a lesson... Making everything (common things) interesting

  • - TED talks - "ideas worth sharing" ... Technology Entertainment Design

In this fun, 3-min performance from the World Science Festival, musician Bobby McFerrin uses the pentatonic scale to reveal one surprising result of the way our brains are wired. Bobby McFerrin demonstrates the power of the pentatonic scale, using audience participation, at the event "Notes & Neurons: In Search of the Common Chorus", from the 2009 World Science Festival, June 12, 2009.

  • Video games -Machinarium
    - describe without sound to increase vocabulary

  • Students need a time to ask questions...creative questions/higher order questions...teachers ask questions every 43 second
  • avoid ping pong questions....need basketball questions....pose and pause (10 seconds) pounce bounce - teach students to ask questions ... Cooperative learning

  • start "talks" with a question

Language to use for student learning
  • Prestuctural - bits of learning
  • Unistructural - simple connections
  • Multistructural - more connections playing something frame beginning to in
  • Multirelational
  • Extended abstract - ways things are connected outside the content

  • Borrow things from technology... i.e. tags

  • Use Evernote for student notebooks ... Tag items

Leadership Styles ... Conductors .... The conductor is the only one not making noise in the orchestra
  • Intense and controlling
  • Leading by reminding
  • Still the boss but has no problem stepping back..let the soloist lead the rhythm of learning and bring the orchestra back in gently
  • Trust

Lead with a smile

Project based learning

6/21 Eric Mazur "The Tyranny of the Lecture" (Harvard)

What is education?
Is education just the transfer of education?

Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school. ~Albert Einstein
1. Lecture
  • When students take notes they are just transferring the notes of the professor
  • Lack of learning
  • Lack of retention
  • Recall vs. the ability to apply learning to other areas
  • YouTube video - father Guido Saducci - five minute university
  • Students don't pay attention - students brain is more active during sleep, tv watching and class had the same brain activity,

2. PI - peer instruction
  • students don't do well with an unknown procedure..they do well with unknown answers because that's what they are used to

Education - Theses items below should be flipped...assimilation in class
  1. transfer of information, before technology this was necessary, before books too
  2. Assimilation of information - most used to happen outside of class

questioning rather than telling
Question - think - poll - discuss - repoll - explain (coop learning) - continuous assessment
Keeps students engaged
Learning catalytics website for student interaction with mobile devices

Pedagogy is more important than the technology
Avoid multiple choice assessment

6/22 Alan November, Michelle Anderson, Kathy Cassidy

Weakest part of tech in education is connecting and collaborating with people around the world
Mrs. Cassidy's classroom blog

Class blogmeister
Can set up student blogs....maybe grade blogs? To use like the online textbook idea

Prairie Vale Elementary - Bourton Meadow School - partner schools, Oklahoma and England

PBL - project based learning

Skyping and blogging with classrooms around the room

Kidlympic games blog?